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    Upcoming Events at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

    Fri, Dec 8 - Sun, Dec 10 :: Adirondack Holiday Festival Weekend

    Adirondack Holiday Festival Weekend

    Come just for a workshop, a day or a getaway!

    Experience the new age of Holiday foods: tastings, demonstrations and a special History of Beer Workshop: from the Vikings to the Monks!

    Weekend Schedule

    Friday, December 8th

    • 3:00PM: Lodging Check In
    • 6:00PM: Holiday Appetizer Sampling
    • 7:00PM: Schnitzel Bar - Sample the World of Schnitzel
    • In the Adirondack Park's longest operating Lodge operated by a 3 generation European family, begin with an Old World appetizer sampler featuring the "Best-of-the-Wursts", from Adirondack game to Bavaria. Explore the Adirondacks largest selection of craft import beers in the Fireside Rathskeller, once a Speakeasy. Then, savor the World of Schnitzel from vegetarian to to the carnivore!

    Saturday, December 9th

    • 9:00AM: Adirondack Alps Breakfast
    • 10:00AM: Putting Old World Flavors in Your Holiday Meal
    • A demonstration and workshop exploring the History of Old World Holiday Foods. Spaetzle, dumplings, strudels, schnitzels are all famous dishes. Their roots are much more than Bavaria and their flavorings and adaptations are as diverse as the Old World itself which stretches all across Europe. Learn their common roots and key denominators in their Holiday recipes.

    • 3:00PM: Cooking Class - Planning an Old World Holiday Meal
    • Imagine a Holiday meal of Pâté's, bone broths, Old World roasts, potato pancakes and German Chocolate cake. You can do it! Chef Cathy Hohmeyer will demonstrate a sample Old World Holiday meal with how to's and recipes. Add-on an ingredient package and take it home!

    • 5:30PM: Special History of Beer Workshop: The Ancient Roots of Holiday Beer, From the Vikings to the Monks
    • How did holiday beer begin? What were some of the ancient styles? What were the common roots of Old World holiday Beer and why did different regions become famous for their beer? You'll sample holiday beers from the Old World we answer these questions and more!

    • 6:30PM: Special Holiday History of Old World Foods - Tasting Dinner
    • Lake Placid pulled off only the 3rd Winter Olympic games in 1932. Could they have done so without the assistance of the Europeans? From the mines to the lumber yards, from the early Dutch, English and French to many Europeans this was their "Adirondack Alps.” Sample the Old World influence on Adirondack culinary traditions - with a special feature on Holiday Meals! We'll explore the 5 eras of Adirondack food from the pioneers and Cure Cottage days to today's farm-to-fork, featuring the personal story of the Lodge's own 131 year history with a 5 course tasting dinner. Demonstrations, exhibits and trivia highlight the tasting fun.

    Sunday, December 10th

    • 11:00AM: Brunch & Workshop: Old World Holiday Desserts You Can Make at Home
    • The World of Strudel is such an amazing and diversified dish. You can make them as appetizers, dinner or...as featured desserts! You can fill them with a range of goodies from the vegan to the sweet tooth. These recipes will stretch your imagination and is a great holiday dish which is simple, you can use more than once and can give it extra ingredients to make it a different each time - even after you baked it! Add-on an ingredient package and take it home! Special, limited, one-on-one, online coaching available!

    Event Info

    December 8 - 10, 2017

    Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

    6319 State Route 30, Lake Clear, NY

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