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    History of Adirondack Food Dinner Event

    In 1 evening a tasting journey of Adirondack food from the Native Americans and pioneers to the Cure Cottages and Grand Hotels. Finish off with today's Farm-to-fork and tomorrow's Superfoods.

    Savor a Culinary Journey of Adirondack Cuisine!

    From the Native American and Cure Cottage days to the pioneer and Grand Hotel eras, sample Adirondack culinary history!

    The 5 eras come alive as your 5 course tasting is paired with:

    Live Cooking Demonstrations

    • The Lodge culinary team led by Chef Cathy whose family originally built the Lodge over 130 years ago will demonstrate period dishes focusing on their "common roots" to today's farm to fork.
    • You can cook these period dishes with a modern flair right at home!
    • Plus a bonus: A sampling into the era of tomorrow's super foods!

    Have Fun and Explore

    • Panel exhibits highlighting the 5 eras of the History of Adirondack food
    • Discovery Pass exploring an 1886 Adirondack lodge which continues to operate
    • Meander 25 acres Great Camp style of nature trails and private beach on secluded Lake Clear, where Einstein contemplated.

    Taste & Test Your Adirondack Culinary IQ...

    In what ways did the Adirondack Native Americans utilize the "3 Sisters" of food? What were the nutrient dense food of the Cure Cottage era and why were they important? Were all dinners of the Adirondack Grand Hotels lavish affairs? Beware, if you dressed up in one, you'd be thrown out! What kind of chocolate is a superfood dessert!

    Stories of Local Food History...

    Along the way, you learn about the local history of Adirondack food with fun stories. Did you know the Lodge was active during the Speakeasy days? Watch out we may be raided by a 1920's Cop'er! Don't worry we've made some special tables to hide them!

    Add-on to your experience with spirit(s)!

    • 30 Minute History of Beer Workshops & Tastings:
      Each month a different theme where you sample 6 different beers from ‘round-the-world' and learn of their history.
    • Beer, Wine or Spirts pairings with each course.
      The pairing delight will focus on the seasonal menu and spirits and something unique: what they may have tasted in that season of Adirondack history
    • Fun non-alcoholic drinks
      Seasonal drinks such as Native American herb drinks, pioneer ginger root soda, Shirley Temples & Darth Vader's may be highlighted among the nightly specials!

    Times: 6:30PM Thursday & Sunday. May 15th – October 15th

    Seating limited. Please call ahead to reserve. $79PP. Children under 12 - $20.

    Fun for the culinary enthusiast, romantic couple or group of friends.

    History of Food Special Family Package

    Want to get the kids involved, grandparents and Mom & Dad? Special Family History of Adirondack Food Event opportunity: Arrive @ a special time 30 minutes before the event and have the opportunity to get your hands rolling in dough with Chef Cathy and her crew. Don an apron and help to prepare a dish for the evening's meal. Families then can present as featured guest chefs! You'll need to test what you've learned by getting the trivia right! If you do, you'll get dessert! $5 per participant of any age!

    Thursday & Saturday Regular Menu dining option

    On the evening's we are hosting our History of Food dinner events, you can enjoy our classic Great Camp dinners in a new way: Great Camp dinner basket in our Lakeview Retreat Center! Here is how it works:

    1. Pre-order from the nightly menu here. Orders must be in by 4:00PM.
    2. Arrive @ the Lodge between 7:00PM – 8:00PM.
    3. Begin @ the Fireside Rathskeller as always. Relax, explore the Adirondacks only hand-crafted Wine & Beer Cellar.
    4. While you are there, we will prepare an Adirondack Great Camp dinner basket we will take over for you to the Lakeview Retreat Center! Enjoy a self-serve dinner picnic with the Lodge's staple Great Camp dinner we have served for over 50 years. Enjoy spectacular mountain lake sunsets over our secluded beach with dinner at your own pace!
    5. Once there, you are welcome back to the Fireside Rathskeller for additional spirits or desserts!

    Special Adirondack
    Heritage Activities

    5:00PM: Heritage Cooking Demo

    Cathy's family originally built the Lodge in 1886 as a stage-coach inn, post-office and trading post. We have combined this heritage with Ernest's Old World family who bought the Lodge nearly 50 years ago. Learn how to make a Lodge classic strudel with Chef Cathy and staff that you can eat for dessert, all in 30 minutes or less!
    $15 per person. Sign-up required.

    5:30PM: History of Beer Workshop & Tasting

    A 30 minute workshop that takes you through the History of Beer! While you learn sample 5 different craft import brews from around the world. Travel through time through the 3 revolutions of beer. Did you know, in the 1800's the Adirondacks were the largest hop growing region in the U.S.?
    $20 per person. Sign-up required.

    Check out our Great Camp Dining Experience!